Think of the last time you made a genuine connection with a stranger. You met someone and a few hours, days or weeks after you were still thinking about them. Think of the few moments you shared; what did you talk about?

I can bet that you probably do not even know (or remember) their second name or their job title. I am willing to bet that the stranger told you something personal. Like a story about their kids or their mother or their husband or their wife. Instantly, you felt a connection, you felt like you had your way in. You probably also shared something personal.

That is storytelling. It is about giving yourself permission to share something personal about your life; something that speaks to who you are as a person beyond your professional title and your job description. Storytelling is powerful because it is the universal language of the heart. It allows us to connect intimately with strangers and to find our tribe. Storytelling is the language of empathy and compassion, and it is universally understood.

So the next time someone asks you, who are you, skip the titles and share a story; they will always remember you.

with love,

Njeri Ndonga.