I don’t have the answer to this question. I learnt early on that there is no one way for me (or you) to define love. Love is both simple and complex. It exists all around us and often times we feel like its elusive,  always a step ahead. Like we are glowing in its glory yet always longing for memories gone or chasing moments to come.

In love, I have been lucky to see and experience it in many forms. Yet in all its forms, the idea that you will one day meet someone you are not related to, a stranger, love them, and then love them some more that it becomes the most defining love of your life is strange.

Some may even call it crazy or impossible.

But it happens, and when it does, it changes you, for eternity. 
If I were to define love, I would think of moments. Absurd moments you’re never ready for. The moments they fail to capture even in the best-written romcoms. Because they are unique to you and your human…or humans. 

1. Realizing your human is excited by the idea of waking up, watching old movie clips and reciting them word for word and getting excited when they get them right, even though they’ve watched this movie sixty-seventy times. 

2. Stopping a movie one million times to listen (and watch) someone get excited by a new idea and then watch as they invest even more into the idea and get excited even more. Which is well and good but can I please finish this episode?

3. Watching your human in pain and hearing your own heart break because nobody, especially them, deserves pain. And worse, you can do nothing about it. 

4. Walking into a room 67 times in 10 minutes and staring at your human as you smile as you see them get visibly irritated even when hiding a smile but deep down knowing you still gotta do it 12 more times before they scream at you to stop. 

5. Being woken up 6 minutes after you fall asleep even though it took you a few hours and a sacrifice to the gods to fall asleep so they can say ‘I love you’. 

Because love is a spectrum. It is weird and beautiful. It is a constant choice you make every day, even when blood is involved. Because love keeps the world moving.


Njeri Ndonga.