I am Njeri Ndonga and I am creating a platform where I can share, network and interact with people like you, who are on a  journey of trying to live their best lives.

The journey to this first post began a long time ago, interrupted regularly by my fears. The fear of failing, rejection and judgment. In my head, this is a success; a virtual space where we can all be ourselves and connect authentically. In reality, this is a sub-total of my inner journey work; the steps I have taken in my discovery of self.

Someday I am fearless, and I allow my most authentic self into the world; today is one of those days and I am celebrating all the work that it takes to take off the mask and live authentically. I let the ‘self-help glamour fool me, and then I allowed myself into this difficult journey of self-discover, then it got ugly and honest. Ultimately, we are all looking for the light; often ignoring the fact that the light lies on the other side of the darkness.

It’s been a long journey fraught with tears and pain; I would like to imagine that it’s over but I know my best and worst days lay ahead. Instead of wishing, I am living every day to the fullest, basking in the sun and falling deeper in love with the girl in my mirror.

I invite you to look into your mirror and fall in love with the girl or guy you see.

I welcome you into my world,