Discover your ‘WHY’ and Define your ‘HOW’

You deserve to love AUTHENTICALLY. Schedule a call to discover how you can use your story to discover your ‘WHY’ and define your purpose. 

Why Storytelling?

Authentic Living

“Stories are powerful; from our mothers’ lips, stories helped us stay out of trouble and allowed us to communicate with our grandparents by the fireplace. The  storytelling skills you learn at a young age are your greatest strength. I help you discover the storyteller within, so you can use your storytelling prowess to grow your personal brand and business.”

Storytelling for Business

Storytelling sessions for teams, indviduals and leaders looking to grow strong, cohesive teams driven by purpose. 

strategic storytelling

Get your team story right so you can build your strategy, grow your team and connect your customers from your authentic story. 

personal storytelling

Discover your authentic story and learn skills to help you leverage your story for personal & professional success

Sometimes I Write 

What Is Love?

What Is Love?

. Love is both simple and complex. It exists all around us and often times we feel like its elusive, always a step ahead. Like we are glowing in its glory yet always longing for memories gone or chasing moments to come.

What is Storytelling?

What is Storytelling?

Storytelling is powerful because it is the universal language of the heart. It allows us to connect intimately with strangers and to find our tribe.

The Spirituality of Material Things

The Spirituality of Material Things

Instead of holding on to the old, worn out duvets my mother gave me, I’ve purposed to call her more often and have conversations that nourish my life. Instead of holding on to broken gift, I’ve stored them in my memory, grateful for the love that inspired it. Instead of worrying about loosing something, I enjoy it in the moment knowing that it’s service is only in the now, and my life is and will only be in the now.